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An Android digital 9'' tablet, made by APEX.

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What should I do if the motherboard capacitor is broken?

When I opened the case to clean the dust today, I found two capacitors violent, (it reads fz57 150 6.3V)

Excuse me, what should I do? ? ?

What effect does the two capacitors have on the computer? ?

(Currently everything is normal, in use)

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Not knowing where these fit in the scheme of things, I can guess that these are likely filter capacitors that eliminate noise on the DC supply line. If this is the case, then replacing them is recommended as these will help to protect hte CPU as well as prevent the “logical maybe” which occurs when the voltage fluctuates. These are most likely surface mounted devices which require a bit of experience to replace. Get them replaced.


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thank you for your help,i will try it.


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