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Tutoriels de réparation pour les MacBook Air, la gamme d'ordinateurs portables standard Apple.

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MacBook Air A1465 Water damage. Not all keys working.

I recently had water damage on my Macbook Air A1465. It wasn’t turning on I opened it up and saw some corrosion and cleaned with Isopropyl. Now it turns on but not all the keyboard keys work.

The only ones that don’t work is the top right area. So volume up, down, mute, delete, and also some other random ones like 6 and other top row function keys.

What is the reason? How can I fix?

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Your best bet is to fully disassemble the machine, let it dry fully, clean any corrosion with rubbing alcohol.

Then you’ll want to replace the keyboard, unfortunately you will have to do a full keyboard replacement, and it will take some time and patients.

MacBook Air 11" Mid 2012 Upper Case Replacement

Start with the above guide, you will then want to continue on and peal back the black backlight, and then will need to remove about 100 tiny screws to swap your keyboard.

This MAY help solve your problem, but no guarantee.

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Is it possible to dunk the logic board completely in alcohol or best to use toothbrush on certain areas?


Once it has shorted out there is almost no chance of saving it.


It hasn't shorted out. I'm just wondering if I can dunk the entire logic board in because I know I can do that with iPhone but wondering if it's different with a laptop logic board.


You could, but if there is so much corrosion to where that is necessary then you may have a bigger problem on your hands.

Being that only water spilled, I would just spot clean it with alcohol and a brush.

The steps above are exactly what I did for my old 2012 MacBook Pro.

I spilled a whole cup of water on the keyboard, immediately shut it down, opened and fully disassembled it, let it sit in rice for days, and then spot cleaned the little corrosion there was.

When I fully resembled it, the keyboard was shorted, it would input keys I wasn't pressing, and certain keys gave no response.

I did what I explained above, swapped out the keyboard with a new one, and it worked perfectly for years after.

I'd bet it still works, but no way to tell as i upgraded and sold it.


Don't use RICE!

Rice is for cooking! And can only remove humility from a salt shaker. It is not able to absorb pooled water in a computer or phone. This is an Urban Legend that just wont die!

Test it your self! Take a glass and put a few drops of water in it put in a few grains of rice. All you'll get is wet rice and the water is still present! Think of it this way a sponge or paper towel will absorb the water! It has a wicking action the water will travel into.

Here you can only force evaporation using heat (low heat) but that will take time which you don't have and besides just like the coffee rings on your surfaces as the water evaporates the solids stay behind! These solids are not good! Salts, sugars, acids and what else was in the drink. Overtime these solids will corrode your parts. Thats why you need to fully clean the parts or replacement when you must.


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