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My iPhone won't charge or any indication (new battery)

I replaced my old battery for a new iFixit battery yesterday, everything turned out PERFECT.. at first.

  1. It started up right away as soon as I held the lock button
  2. I used it all evening until the battery dropped down to about 10-15%
  3. I didn’t charge it overnight. So, I woke up to a drained battery
  4. I try to turn it on and i get the “phone -> charger” to connect to charger..
  5. So I did that, I plugged my phone into my new original iPhone charger and I get the “dead battery” pop up indicator
  6. I set my phone down for about 10 minutes then I come back to see if it got enough power to start it………… I hold the start button and nothing at all happens. Just a black screen.

And that’s the issue! Has anyone else have this happen? Desperate for answers!

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What made you want to replace your battery to begin with?

Troubleshooting charging starts with a usb ammeter (inexpensive tool and super useful—last I checked iFixit does not sell them, but they are available from iPad Rehab Supply and lots of other places). A known good device will consume about 1A charging current—so make sure your cable and charging brick are working with another device.

Then see what happens when you plug in this phone—you can try reseating the charge port (only if you removed it during your battery swap) and you can see if your phone will consume any charging current on this battery or your original battery. It should on both.

If not, then the next step would be to head to your local microsolderer to have them evaluate the phone and see if it is a candidate for a usb permission chip “tristar” change which can cause lots of problems and is the most common logic board fault—it comes from using your phone with fake chargers. One of the many ways in which a tristar failure will present is “I can charge just fine, as long as the battery has some charge in it. If the battery is stone dead, then I can’t charge at all” Tristar is a straightforward board repair, but it is not a DIY job since it requires specialty equipment.

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Reason for changing the battery… there is none I suppose! I bought my iPhone 6s 64 gig used and my friend said the only issue it seemed to have was short battery life. So, I bought the new battery and put it away for ever ago. But, really.. what I wanted to do was to see if I can remove the charging port to check it out after scraping a bit of gum out of it. I did not have the courage to continue to do something i wasn’t sure about.

Cable and charging brick work work fine on my 16gb 6s!

*Question!* - should I restart my charging port and how would that help!

It’s just really starting to seem like it’s the Tristar issue…

I have a picture of a part I used superglue on, right on top of the wifi antenna I think is what it is… could that have messed things up too?


NEVER use superglue in a phone :( And if you do---MENTION THAT in your question when you describe the problem. Everything did not turn out PERFECT as you describe if you put a foreign substance inside your phone. I don't like donating my time for free to help people who aren't forthcoming with important details.

You need to go to a shop who can put eyes on your phone and see what you've messed up. I can't help you here.


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