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Commercialisé en mars 2017, le G6 est le smartphone phare de LG fonctionnant sur Android 7.0. L'appareil est compatible avec tous les grands opérateurs de réseau. La réparation risque de compromettre l'étanchéité et de rendre votre appareil vulnérable aux dégâts d'eau.

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My device overheated and now my touchscreen wont work when I open any

Hi everyone. I’ve had my G6 for about 7 months. The other night I slept on it and It overheated. Once it cooled down the screen went back to functioning. Today I thought the touchscreen was broken, but it’s not. I can open up any application on my phone but when the application is open it doesn’t respond. I don't want to do a hard reset because I doubt it’s a software issue. Any help is appreciated. Like I said, the main screen lock screen works. I can click on and open any application and switch to the different pages on my main page. Yeah, so I’m brining it into to get it fixed if no one has an idea how to fix it externally.

Also I might add that some gaming applications actually work once open. It seems to be the ones with a scrollbar that actually break. It’s strange, maybe I should try a hard reset. But the last thing I want is to loose everything on my phone. If you guys recommend a hard reset or factory reset, please provide a way to save all my data. (mainly my notes and accounts) so I don't have to log in 500 things again. Yeah as said the games actually play for a bit but when I bring the top scrollbar down it freezes on that till I lock and unlock and press the home-screen circle

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help anyone?


someone please help me if you have any idea how to fix the phone


Sounds wacky, could be a digitizer issue, but also some bad code knockin around in the Root, in the state that it is, i would focus on backing everything up pronto! - there are multiple options Online; with the built in software; or with software to connect it to your computer - write down any codes, contact information, emails, logins, etc. JUST in case. Then i would start with a factory reset, and if its still bananas, then look into replacing the digitizer. Either way, you've come to the right place :)


what app would you recommend to back my everything up


ill take it to the carrier I got it from


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Hey there,

so this could be a hardware or software issue. how could it be a SW issue? The operating system of any machine (laptop, cellphone, etc.) manages its power settings (e.g. how to allocate power based on programs and apps, how the device is charged, how much power it should use when on sleep mode, when it should auto-shut down so the device won’t turn off during mid process, etc.).

For software issue, you can try the factory reset or make sure the firmware is up to date. I’m guessing this phone isn’t rooted or modified in some way you should tell us about? as for backing up everything, just google search: android backup pc program. look into this '''

otherwise, all your data should be in your SD card right? and as for the logging into a bunch of accounts - yea I feel you, it is really annoying. however, no matter how you back up your device, you’ll always have to sign back into your apps and accounts. this is a security issue, so it will be either the device (LG) and/or the service (google, facebook, etc.) that will sign you out/make you re-enter your login info.

in case it’s a hardware issue, you have two options - get a new phone from your cellphone provider (hopefully you only got this phone recently or you have some awesome insurance) OR open it up to assess and rectify the issue.

from personal experience of having my cellphone heat up like this and when the issue is HW related, I found that there’s an issue with the battery — either it’s a defective battery (swollen, therefore pressing up against the motherboard) OR loose connections (both input and output directions, input being the USB external charging port and output being the power supplied from the battery to the motherboard). If you decide to check inside the device, go ahead and check all receptacle connections and make sure all parts are in their proper positions, even the slightest misalignment can put a stress on the board and mess up the board function.

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