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Apple Watch S3 Screen Replace - What adhesive + Apple Pay affected?

Hi friends. I purchased the ifixit Series 3 screen replacement and the ifixit Force Touch Sensor Gasket for Series 3 watch. The watch is A1860 (Nike + GPS + Cellular). I have two questions. Question 1: What is the proper adhesive replacement for the screen assembly? The 3M custom cut adhesive tape is not listed as compatible with this model/series. Does the force touch sensor gasket replacement include two sided adhesive itself so that no other adhesive is necessary? Do I need to replace that gasket if the screen just has a small crack? Question 2: If I replace the screen with the ifixit replacement do I need to worry about anything with Apple Pay working?

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The force touch gasket is a two-sided adhesive gasket which provides the necessary adhesion for screen replacement. If not using a new force touch gasket, then B-7000 adhesive can be used to seal up the display to the watch body.

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No one replied so I was able to solve this issue through subsequent research in order to work on a watch.


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