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Model A1040 / 10, 15, 20, 30, or 40 GB hard drive / four touch-sensitive LED backlit buttons above touch wheel

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iPod freezing while playing music

My iPod freezes instantly when the “Shuffle Songs” button is pressed, and will also freeze when just playing songs (some songs won’t cause this, others freeze it instantly, and still others freeze in the middle of the song). It is also not detected in iTunes on Mac, and it can’t be re-formatted in Disk Utility. Is the hard drive broken, or is this a software issue?

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If you cannot reformat it in Disk Utility it could possibly be a broken hard drive. It may be worth your while to open it up using this guide and once you have the hard drive out of the machine shake it just a tad and if you hear any excessive rattling it is probably broken. Hope this helps.

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The drive does rattle when shaken. I will probably replace it with a compact flash card using an adapter - there are plenty of tutorial videos on YouTube, and flash storage is generally faster, more durable, uses up less battery as it does not have moving parts, and lighter.


@bibasik7 sounds like a plan!


I have ordered the parts needed for the repair, along with a new, higher capacity battery. They should arrive by September 12. Once I recieve the parts, I will perform the repair, and tell you if it worked.


I have now received all the parts and repaired my iPod. It is now recognized as an iPod in iTunes, so that confirms that it works. I will have to buy a firewire + USB to dock connector cable and a firewire power adapter in order to restore the iPod using iTunes.


Alright! Sounds like success to me. Glad I was able to help you. ;-) When you do verify it is 100% working if you wouldn’t mind marking my answer so we can get closer to 100% answer completion. Again, happy I could help and good luck.


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