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screen and digitizer only

I don’t see an option to purchase just the glass/digitizer screen? LCD is just fine only need the glass and digitizer. Any luck?

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The way this goes is this: If you are able to refurbish an iPhone LCD as a DIY project (which requires highly specialized equipment and training), then you will already know how to source the glass.

When regular people post this question, it is just because they are unaware the LCD refurbishing is not a DIY project. Buy a new “Screen” which will itself be a refurbished OEM lcd that a professional refurbisher has produced, OR it will be an inexpensive aftermarket LCD. If retaining the original LCD is important to you, then you can sell your screen to a refurbisher and buy an OEM refurbished screen. I do not believe that iFixit sells OEM refurbs (it is hard to do this in bulk) but call customer service to check. I am pretty sure that all the iFixit screens are good quality aftermarkets.

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Hey Jessa, iFixit has been selling a hybrid OEM screen lately, called "Choice" (iPhone 8 Plus LCD and Digitizer - Original LCD). It's an OEM LCD with some aftermarket (probably flexes or glass).

You've done a lot of groundbreaking work over the years...have you ever tried refurbishing?


@refectio Do you refurbish? It is on my list for sure. We don't see a lot of "screws and glues" repairs, but we've thought that since we are already doing all the board repair for the local busy screen shops that we should start doing refurbishing as well.

I looked at g-tool system which seems really easy, but can't do iPad Pro. One of our students was really happy with ocamaster. A canned solution (that can do ipad pro) plus training would be ideal. I'd probably task one of my local mom-techs to learn refurbishing. Got any recommendations?


I was more curious myself...this is one aspect of phone repair that merits more democratization and teaching, something you excel at. I occasionally hang around the Refurb group on FB but it breaks out into flame wars between OCA and G-Tool disciples every once and a while :>).

Sometimes I grow tired of crappy screens that are local or good screens with expensive shipping and brokerage fees (a major problem for Canadian shops) and think about doing it myself.

I have to admit that the G-Tool system looks nice...


I watched Vince do a live demonstration of the G-tool at the CPR conference in Vegas last month from someone that happened to have a cracked screen. It really works as described.


Thanks...i'll have to give it another look but IIRC, it was like 6K USD...thats nearly 10K CAD...Ouch!


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Are you experienced in removing the glass only on iPhones including laying down a new polarizer and loca/oca glue? Replacing just the glass is not a DIY project. It’s highly specialized. If not, youll have to buy the entire assembly.

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I have seen similar before for the iPhone 6 on eBay but honestly the time and effort it not worth it. The two are laminated and calibrated together when you buy them so that touch targets line up and so that there is no air gap between the LCD and digitiser.

For more information you can see this video here. Just the digitiser requires dry ice.

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