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Broken battery latch, what now?

Well jeez, this darn MacBook has been the source of my problems for the last week or so now.

Today when going in to upgrade my RAM I broke the battery latch, like really broken. I was unlocking the battery door when the plastic piece on top that moves the latch broke off. No, I did not use excessive force at all, so this is super surprising and frustrating for me. There is no way to latch it back in place because the latch mechanism somehow jammed too and I cannot unjam it. I am using a piece of tape to keep it in place now, which looks ultra ugly. Any suggestions before I call it quits and just use tape?

Block Image

Block Image

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That happened on one of mine as well. It is sometimes possible to take a large flathead screwdriver and turn the mechanism with that rectangular hole in the middle, although it can be a little tricky to do. I ended up resorting to tape because it was too much of a hassle. From what I can tell, there isn’t really a way of fixing that unless you replace the entire bottom case, which is a pretty big task and honestly isn’t worth doing for a computer that old, unless it is really important to you. Here is the guide for that: MacBook Core 2 Duo Lower Case Replacement

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@dastumer thank you for the quick reply. To be honest this computer is more of a collectors item as it was my first laptop. <3 So it it is really not that big of a priority unless I can get a quick and easy fix.


The part is under $30. This was a solid machine in its day and will still work fine for someone just needing a basic computer and internet connectivity. I delivered one yesterday for a guy just out of prison after upgrading it to 4 GB of RAM. It's his first computer and an excellent learning tool.


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