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Sharp aquos LC-32CHG6021K TV

My Sharp aquos LC-32CHG6021K TV just updated and now everything is upside down how do I flip it back

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Hi @goodhart ,

Did you try the "reset" option found in the TVs "setup" menu? You didn't say.

Be aware if you reset the TV you'll have to scan for the channels again as they will be cleared from the TV.


Did mine 30 mins ago as well same thing happened any luck yet ?


yeah my tv has done the same thing after update,and iv been though every setting this morning and still wont go back to normal


Hi @cjas32,

You may have to contact Sharp about this.

3 different TVs exhibiting the same problem after performing an update is too coincidental to my mind


Sounds like something on their end within the update hence why multiple people have had the problem


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I have the same problem. The Aquos smart TV just updated and the image turned upside. I called the technical support unit of sharp in the UK. Problem solved. Solution: press menu button on the remote; urgently press 1147; select item 7(panel), press item 9(Mirrow). Done. Good luck!

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This worked for me thank you so much


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