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Also called the Crosley Musician Entertainment Center.

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CD player won't play

CD part turns on and door opens but won't play CD. Can this repaired?

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My CD does not spin. The Play light does not come on at all..... ideas?


The radio and record player work fine...


My CD player opens and closes but when it closes it can’t close all the way (about an inch from fully closed). When I help it close it does not play the disk, the lines on the screen stay on and does not play. I have a video as well.


That sounds very much like a mechanical problem. If you open it up and can watch the mechanism VERY CAREFULLY as it closes, you may be able to see what's jamming it and maybe fix it. Maybe the CD is failing to locate properly on the spindle as the drawer closes. Maybe there's a foreign body in there, or even another CD jammed inside. (I once saw a player that had 3 or 4 CDs jammed inside! Every tme I got one out I found there was another still in there!)


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So the CD spins? And after a few seconds the display says No Disk or something similar? Probably a laser problem. Unfortunately in my experience it’s rarely a dirty lens as it’s tucked away out of the way of dust, but certainly check for any stray hairs on or around the lens. But take EXTREME CARE in cleaning the lens as it’s suspended on very fine wires which are easily broken.

If you can gain access to the optical assembly you should find a laser power adjustment somewhere on it. You could try turning it clockwise by just a very small amount, but this is kill or cure - you probably need test equipment worth thousands to set it properly.

You could try putting a search on eBay for one with a different fault offered as "for spares or repair”.

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The laser power adjustment is designed for factory use and NEVER resolves a problem with reading the disk. There are adjustments for tracking and focus that can be done, but these units are factory set and do not have these adjustments available in the field.

If the laser is far enough away to avoid dust, can you tell me how a hair can get there? As far as cleaning the lens is concerned, dust, dirt and greasy film from whatever is in the air is a common problem with ALL lens assemblies. Even Pioneer systems that have the lens facing downward are subject to this problem.


"NEVER" is a strong word! Lasers age since they operate at a fairly high power density so if you've nothing else to try, why not?


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The answer is yes, but whether or not it is economically feasible is another question. If you can gain access to the laser lens, try gently cleaning it using a cotton swab and alcohol. Sometimes a buildup of dirt/dust can interfere with the laser and prevent the unit from reading the CD properly. If that fails, the next thing would be to replace the optics which may not be available as a separate part. These units were not designed to be repairable.

Keep us posted on your progress.


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MY Crowley McQueen entertainment center is BRAND spanking new! I just bought it a few days ago, & just opened it & started to use it today(1/5/23), so WHY would I have any dust, dirt, or hair on the laser...causing it to not play any CD I have tried?? Even my fairly newer ones??? I'm mad!


If it's new, then no reason why it would have dust on the lens. Take it straight back where you got it and get a refund or replacement!


Exactly my point, Sherlock. Other people are giving that excuse to customers, as to the reason why theirs isn't functioning. I already took it back on the 10th,& felt disgusted,& that it was a disappointment to even get another one. Got my $$$ back.

_Lesson learned: Crosley stereo items are crap. (There was a dent @ the back of the unit (the speaker holes),too, when I got it out of the box,& its plastic encasing.


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