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Repair guides and support for the first generation Chevy S-10 (4WD model T-10) Blazer, a mid-size SUV based on the S-10 pickup truck. Closely related to the GMC Jimmy.

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How come it won't start after it sits for awhile

97 blazer just bought had 4 days runs great no ticks knocks squeals. But after it sits over night or the 8 hours i work it has to be primed before it will start. I thought it was out of gas the first day cause I was told gauge wasn't correct. Only took $10 to fill it up that wasn't the problem the other. 2 other times started after just a couple primes. Last night tried starting it for almost 2 hours till the battery died and nothing went to pick it up this morning from work put cables on it because the battery was dead I primed it twice and it started right up no problem

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That sounds like a failing fuel pump and/or check valve allowing the fuel to run back into the tank

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I don't know a lot about cars unfortunately and I don't have the cash to take to shop, its all in the blazer how can I check that?


@shawnrae You would need to check the fuel pressure to be sure. If you have a friend that has a pressure tester they would let you borrow you could use that. Replacing the pump yourself wouldn't be too hard and would save on labor costs, but I wouldn't want you to replace it and that not be it. So I can't say 100% that it's your pump, It could be a poor connection for example, but the fact that you have to prime it makes me strongly suspect that check valve.


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