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Thermal fuse keeps going out on Maytag electric dryer

The thermal fuse on my Inglis Maytag dryer keeps blowing. With the fuse out, the element still gets heated, but the dryer doesn’t spin. I replaced the fuse and the dryer worked for a good 30 mins and then it stopped. Again, i replaced the fuse thinking there was something wrong with the fuse, and it worked for a good 20 mins and stopped.

Can someone tell me what the problem could be?

Update (09/26/2018)

HI Mayer, that’s exactly the type of fuse I used. Based on the information provided, do you think the issue is with the heating element (it turns on very hot soon as i plug in, even with the fuse out), the thermostat, or something else ?

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Hi Jonathan, please provide us with your model no of it, we will need to check the circuit diagram / schematics of your model for an idea.

Looping in @mayer, @oldturkey03 for their professional advice


Hi thank you for the detailed troubleshooting steps. I basically did something similar with a new thermal fuse. I cycled the dryer for a good 30 mind. Everything seemed to work fine. Then the fuse blew again.

I have checked everywhere for clogged lint , everything is clear and free of blocks.

I looked inside the heating element and did not see the wires touching the casing. I did notice though the heating element gets extremely hot within a few seconds of starting the heater? Is this normal or is it a clue to faulty thermostat?


replace the operating thermostat


I have a 3000 series may tag dryer and I have the same problem..the fuse keeps blowing and the tech has changed the fuse...heating element and finally the thermostat and the fuse keeps blowing. The vent ducts have also been cleaned.. any ideas what I can do now except buy a new dryer


We kept having the problem of the thermal fuse blowing and replaced all the parts, cleaned everything out and it kept blowing. We tested the wires and the motor. The wires for the fuse all run through a switch on the motor and we were looking and accidentally broke the switch trying to open it up and discovered that it looked like it was shorting out, we couldn't get just the pluggable switch so we bought a new motor and now it is working again and not blowing the thermal fuse.


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Clogged or restricted exhaust vent air flow is the most frequent cause of a thermal fuse blowing. Check the lint screen for lint or a build-up of debris that could be inhibiting air flow through the dryer. Wash the lint screen with water and a nylon brush and then thoroughly dry it and replace it in the lint screen housing. Check the flexible vent hose behind the dryer for kinks or clogs. Check the exhaust vent duct system to the outside of the home for restrictions. You may need to have a service clean the duct system.  

If you did not find any obvious problems in the exhaust vent system to the outside of the home, then I recommend conducting the following test: 

Before replacing the thermal fuse again, try these steps: 

Unplug the dryer to disconnect electrical power. 

Temporarily tape the two wires that go to the thermal fuse together to essentially "bypass" or "jump" the thermal fuse. Use electrical tape to properly insulate the connection and avoid contact of bare wire contacts with the dryer cabinet. NOTE: Do not leave the thermal fuse bypassed following this temporary diagnostic test. The thermal fuse is an essential safety component that must normally be in place to safely run the dryer. 

Reassemble the dryer and plug it back in. 

Fill the dryer with a medium load of wet laundry. 

Clean the lint screen and make sure it is properly in place in the lint screen housing. 

Pull the flexible exhaust vent hose off of the back of the dryer so that it will vent directly into the laundry room. 

Position the dryer so that you can measure the temperature of the exhaust air from the middle of the vent in the back of the dryer with an accurate thermometer. 

Start the dryer on a timed cycle with high heat. 

Measure the temperature of the air coming out of the middle of the exhaust vent behind the dryer. 

The dryer should heat up to about 150 degrees. The heating element should then shut off until the temperature decreases 15 to 20 degrees. The element should then cycle back on. The dryer should continue to cycle between about 130 to 150 degrees. 

If the dryer heats up way past 150 degrees, then you will likely need to replace the operating thermostat that is right beside the thermal fuse. You could also have a heating element that is shorted to the cabinet and heating constantly. 

NOTE: Stop the dryer if it heats past 180 degrees. Do not let it continue to run and heat past this temperature. 

If the dryer is cycling properly with the vent hose disconnected, then the likely cause of your thermal fuse blowing is the vent duct system to the outside of the home.  

NOTE: Be sure to replace the thermal fuse before running the dryer beyond this temporary component test. 

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Hi , the model of the dryer is Inglis. YIED4671EW0. Appolgies, this should have been in my original post.


Here's the parts for your model:


I am having the same problem with my maytag model Medx655dw1. Replaced thermal fuse and the operating thermostat (located right next to the thermal fuse). Same result. I looked at heating element and it appears fine. No wire issue or burnt coil. Lint screen and hose has all been cleaned. I am unsure where to look next to troubleshoot. I would prefer to test, confirm and replace instead of just part swap and hope. Good news is that thermal fuse is doing its job. Bad news is that I can't find the cause.


@edhomeowner Don't just look, TEST for continuity!


I tested for continuity on the thermal fuse and the operating thermostat. I do not know where to look (test) next.


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were these issues ever resolved? We have a maytag 3000 series electric dryer. Thermal fuse was bad, bought a new one, checked all exhaust ducting and it is perfectly clear. Put a load in and left, returned home the clothes were ruined from overheating. Ran a jumper across the fuse to run dryer, actually unhooked the exhaust from the wall to make sure it could vent. Tested outlet thermistor, right at 11 ohms. Cleaned the lint screen, eventhough it had barely any lint, Removed blower cover to make sure it wasn’t plugged inside, and all was clear. Inspected heater coil and it is not grounding out anywhere. We can visibally watch it heat up and glow with kick plate off. Ran test codes and it keeps flashing p30 and flashing on control knob to clean lint screen. Ran the dryer, test laser light on metal exhaust tube inside dryer up to 190 when turned off. It would appear that whichever thermostat turns heat coil off when temp is reached is not working. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Don

Oh and removed the board to inspect for any burns or visible flaws. It looks like brand new.

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On ours it turned out to be that the switch beside the motor had shorted out and burned, since it is part of the motor you have to replace the motor. We replaced everything before that so now it runs like it is a new dryer again.


Centennial model....Thermal fuse went on ours. Bypassed and dryer would only work on low heat setting. Tested all fuses other fuses with multimeter, got infinity reading. Dryer stops after 15- 20 minutes. No vent obstructions. Element is fine. No idea what else it could be....


Same $@$*. Mine is also a Centennial. This is fourth time changing the thermal fuse in last couple of years. Last time I changed it, the thermal only lasted a few days. Something with the change in heat setting seams to blow it after a cycle. Keep it on one setting forever. I cleaned the air ducts, cleaned the back and inside of dryer, tried a new vent hose. Can anybody tell me what to do?


Changed thermal fuse, didn't even dry a load. Maytag, took to a friend who fixes, thermal fuse blown again. Took entire lint screen housing apart. Blowed everything out with high powered leaf blower, put new thermal fuse, tested exhaust temperature heating about 140, let it run awhile seemed ok brought home dried 1 load blowing cold again. My daughter's dryer I'm at my wits end.


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