My s8+ got dead, doesn't charge and just keep vibrating

I wake up this morning and my phone was discharged, probably the charger wasn’t properly connected. I tried to turn on, the samsung logo showed up and then the phone got dead. I tried it again, same thing. I put in on the charger and it did startup without any button and then got dead. After some time, every time I put on the charger the phone just keep vibrating non stop, no led, no logo.

If I take out of charger, it just vibrates when I push the power button (keep vibrating but doesn’t turn on).

I tried to use different cables and different charger, including using a cable connected on the PC. It does the same thing: phone starts to vibrate and that’s all.

I tried to clean up the USB port, but it didn’t change anything.

Tried to boot in safe mode, in recovery mode, but it didn’t boot at all.

Any ideas ?


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