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Variante uniquement Wi-Fi de la cinquième génération d'iPad, lancée en mars 2017. Disponible avec 32 ou 128 Go de stockage en option, écran Retina de 9,7" et processeur A9 de 64 bits.

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Home button only works long press

My home button only works when long press to reset iPad so holding down the power button and home button together to do a hard reset but once on the home screen the home button will not work? Any ideas

many thanks

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Any history about this iPad ? Description points lo a logic board issue..



yes the screen was changed and the finger id works but not the home button but also if you try another working home button it still does not work


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If you changed the screen yourself, then you’ll need to open it up and closely inspect the Home Button flex. Look for any tears along the flex or a kink due to an incorrect bending of the flex. The other possibility is that the connector on the logic was damaged.

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Can’t be the flex as tried another working flex and home button still does not work and I was careful slotting the flex back in to connection


It is likely a logic board issue, although button is one the two functions rely on different circuits and once you rule out bad connector or a bad flex there's nothing else left I could think of. I had a similar issue not long ago with a customer's iPad Air, but it had signs of previous repair attempt with melted plastics.


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