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MacBook Pro Help (not turning on, black screen, no sounds or fans)

I recently installed a 500gb OWC SSD into my MacBook Pro Retina mid 2014 15” and it was working great for about two weeks. My factory 256gb SSD was at capacity and made my computer run slow, which I why I purchased OWC’s 500gb model.

Before installing the new and correct (recommended) SSD from OWC, my MacBook pro always had trouble with high CPU usage, very hot underside, and loud fan noise. I solved the CPU issue by getting rid of history and cookies from safari (occupied most CPU), but still had a hot underside and loud fans. Also, the retina screen was replaced by apple a year ago due to a crack, so the screen is new and is not at fault.

Anyway, I went to turn it on one day and nothing happened. Upon trying to start, there is no chime, backlight, fans noise, keyboard/caps lock illumination, etc. When I plug in the charger it goes from green to orange, as it normally would if the computer needs to charge. I inserted an external drive (original SSD with enclosure, which has an indicator light) into the USB slot to see what would happen. When the power button on the computer was hit, the SSD enclosure light illuminated for about one second, and then turned off. After this I plugged the OWC SSD as an external drive into a friend’s computer and the drive was not coming up/being recognized (possibly fried)?

I have tried every suggestion from apple and other forum members who’ve had success, but nothing has work. I brought the computer to geek squad and they said that the logic board is shot. Upon inspection, the batteries are not bulging or showing any visible signs of fatigue (bulging, etc).

I reinstalled the factory SSD and tried the previously listed tips above and the same outcome occurred. I also tried disconnecting the battery from the board and plugged in the charger to find the same result (nothing).

If the computer is responding to the charger (lighting up from green to orange) and the external drive light shortly illuminates, could this be a power issue? Could the computer simply have overheated and ruined the battery? Or is this a logic board issue since booting without a battery didn’t work? I would really appreciate any sort of feedback or advice from this forum.


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I have the same problem. I even purchased a new charger. It worked fine when I turned it off & the next day black screen & no power.


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You have done an excellent job trying to do diagnostics. Next let’s see if we can get a spontaneous reboot from the machine. Pull the internal blade drive, disconnect the battery and mag-safe. Press and hold the power on button for 15 seconds. Reconnect the battery, them mag-safe and, if the logic board is good, you should get a spontaneous reboot with a question mark on the display. Next put the original SSD blade into the Envoy enclosure and see if it will boot that way. You may have to hold down the option key to select the start up drive. Let us know your results and we can go from there.

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I did exactly as you said and... IT WORKED! The computer booted with the question mark and recognized the original SSD in the envoy enclosure. So I installed the original SSD into the laptop and it works perfectly! As for the OWC blade, I think its defective because there is a red LED that's illuminated. . Unbelievable! Can't thank you enough!


@mhp76 Now try putting the new blade in the Envoy. Use Disk Utilities and see if it can be formatted APFS. If so install a system, then try it internally.


I have tried this already and Disk Utility is not recognizing the blade. I believe it is broken (due to the red light).


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What is “internal blade drive"? I did an Internet search and only this answer come up. Thanks

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