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Kyocera's Hydro Vibe is a waterproof touch screen phone with a 4.5inch impact-resistant screen and Smart Sonic receiver technology

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Phone always says I don't have enough storage

Every time I want to update an app I have to delete an app. My phone says I don't have enough storage. My sim card has room but everything seems to be on my phone. Help! I messed up and lost all my FB friends cuz I was trying to clear caches to get room!!

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First - Your Sim card is only to contacts storage.

Second - You should check your internal phone storage and then add a Micro SD card to upgrade that storage capacity, Anyways there’s some phones that we can’t transfer the apps to the removable storage(Micro Sd) but you could try. Settings - Apps - Click on the app - Move to SD Card.

This is the best i can do with your infos. You should consider upgrade your phone,remember to always check the internal storage should be at least 32Gb.

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When your storage is insuficient, it may be caused by the following factors:

1. You downloaded and installed apps and kept saving the cache. The Android phone stored all these data so that the storage becomes less and less.

  1. Your favorite content, such as music, movies and images, occupied the Android phone storage.

# If you do not clear the old messages and chats in Android phone, it is also possible to cause the phone says you do not have enough storage.

And you did the right thing to clear the caches. There are many things you can do:

Tip 1: Add a Micro SD card to upgrade the storage capacity.

Tip 2: Manage the media content.

Tip 3:Delete useless files and messages.

Tip 4: factory reset the phone. But you should first backup the data.

Yet, of course, you can buy a totally new mobile phone if you have enough money.

You can check more details here.

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