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Released on June 23, 1996, Model NUS-001, 64-bit gaming console

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Why is the n64 gameplay so dark?

My n64 plays some games just as they should, while some have a couple of levels that are too dark to play. Three games that come to find are 007 Goldeneye, Gauntlet (based off an arcade game), and Supersmash Brothers. A friend has copies of all three games that works fine on their n64 system, but my copies of these games on my console have darkness problems on a few levels, preventing the game from being playable.

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Have you given your friend your copies to play and they’re also dark? Have you tried cleaning the N64 cartridge’s pins? Have you made sure the video cable is properly seated in the TV and console? Is the video cable getting interfered with by anything nearby? Is the video cable in a worn down condition?

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We have tried unhooking and re-hooking the cables to the tv so I don't think it's the connection. My friend said we hooked their n64 system to my tv and had no issues, but I don't recall for sure if it was their system we tried at my house, or if I tried their copies of the games in my system. I suppose I could try both to try to rule things out. What would potentially interfere with the video cable? are you talking about something touching it, causing a loose connection, or are you talking about signals from other electronics somehow interfering?


Either of those. I'm not a expert on these things (just some random guy on the internet) but I've heard about things like subwoofers messing up electronics (X360 can't be near a subwoofer according to MS) so maybe something along those lines. If those don't help, would you try different TV?


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