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Anyone familiar with Saeco super auto espresso machines?

I have a Saeco Caffe Charisma home espresso machine that has a problem. The red light (27) comes on to indicate that the tank is low on water even though the tank is full. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks.

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these low level sensors are usually triggered by a magnet in the tank. Try to figure out if it's a magnet or float that raises in the tank. I'd just get a magnet, remove the tank and run the magnet around the tank housing to see if the light goes off. I bet you'll find that there is an obvious spot on the tank for the magnetic float and that it's either stuck down or missing.

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There is a floating magnet inside the water tank. Sometime becomes waterlogged. Can be replaced easily or you can take the cover off and disable by splicing the wires together on magnetic switch then you have to be careful about keeping water level up.

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