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Screen freezes while watching streaming videos.

Visio D 650i - B2 screen freezes when watching streaming videos. Remote and manual controls will not work have to power down by unplugging to recover.

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Hi @rearviewer ,

Has this problem always been there or has it just started?

If it has always been there (since you started streaming videos) check if there is a firmware update for the TV. It may have been issued to overcome the problem.

Just a thought.


It has been from day one with my Vizio TV. Freezes up, I have to keep unplugging and plugging it back, such a hazzle. I have another TV in the living room a Sony TV for 6 years now and never had a problem. Conclusion: Vizio TVs are garbage, I will NEVER buy a Vizio TV ever again.


I have had the same problem since I bought mine two months ago and it’s so bad that I have to power cycle once an hour now. This product is garbage.


Mine happens only when streaming. I have an Ethernet plug attached to the tv for streaming apps built into the tv. I also have a Roku. I have checked for software updates and I am current. With so many people reporting these issues on various sites, it sounds to me like it’s the tv. BTW, I have a two-year-old Samsung internet tv that doesn’t have these issues.


I bought my Vizio SmartTV 6 years ago and works fine with broadcasts. I will get a frozen screen whenever I stream something. It started 2 yrs. ago. The only way of resolving is unplugging the TV. So much for streaming on this set. I have a later model LG that doesn't have this problem. Updates are current. Is this a message that I need to buy another TV? I have an analog picture tube TV I bought 14 years ago and still works fine without without any problems.


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you have not told us if it works with other inputs or if it has teh same issues when not streamed. If so, it’ll be an issue with your main board. You would have to remove the back of your TV and check the board for any obvious damage. Post some good pictures fo your boards with your question so that we can see what you see. Ajout d'images à une question existante

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There are several reasons why your Roku would freeze all of a sudden in the middle of streaming something. The reasons for this can be attributed to several things and some of them are;

  • A faulty internet connection caused by the router or your ISP. In which case, you must troubleshoot the issue accordingly.
  • The HDMI connection between the Roku and the TV are not proper wherein you can try replacing the cable or try using a spare.
  • A Roku server issue for which you must wait for Roku to resolve the issue.

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I solved the issue by adding a Roku Streaming stick to the back of the TV, otherwise, i would have gotten rid of this TV. I will never buy a Vizio TV ever again!!

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