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Sorti en juin 2017, l'iPad Pro 10,5" remplace l'iPad Pro 9,7"

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How can eliminate white spot on Ipad screen?

Recently, I’ve found some faint white spot nearly 2 inches above my home button on my lpad pro 10.5 wifi. It’s visible on white background especially when I scroll the pages. I haven’t access to any apple store for any replacement or something else, is there any way to fixt it on my own?

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according to macryu, it is caused by display cable underneath pushing against the back of the display, creating a pressure point.


macryu claims the issue is caused by the display cable underneath pushing against the back of the display, creating a pressure point.

they say use a suction cup to gently pull screen away from cable.


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That could be some type of particle that is in the diffusion sheets on the screen it self making it focused. You can either just flat out replace the LCD and I would suggest using a guide from ifixit or you can take apart the LCD and look for the affected area and try to clean it.

If you don’t have a clean or low dust area I would not suggest taking the screen apart. I am also not 100% sure about the LCD for that specific iPad but it could also be clamped closed and would be hard to re-seat if moved.

Or if you have a warranty and Apple won’t give you issues about it I would use your warranty since it would be a defect.

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I replaced my digitizer and then it cracked and im replacing it again but for some reason where the crackes were on my digitizer stained my lcd for some reason and wont wipe off what can i do to fix this?


unfortunately it would more or less be best to replace both. Im unsure what could have stained the LCD and I have never ran into the issue or needing to clean one , not counting removing dust.


I have a 2017 12.9in pro and mine developed the white spot after 1yr and 2mos. I read somewhere that the processor is in that location and it’s heat from the processor damaging the affected pixels of the lcd screen. Apple should do something about it but of course they won’t.


FWIW (at this late date): I had two 10.5” iPad Pro’s with the same issue. Nothing can be done about it that I’m aware of (after extensive research in the past) short of replacing the screen. This was apparently a design defect on the 2018 iPad Pros, as I haven’t seen any posts about other model years. My 1st one I had Apple replace 1 week before it’s 1 yr. warranty ran out, but the 2nd one developed the same problem not to long after the 3 mo. (?) replacement model’s warranty expired. Not worth replacing the screen if the issue is due to the CPU, or some other component under the screen, as it would just happen again. Apple should have offered an extended warranty on this issue, but I guess it wasn’t prevalent enough, and no class action lawsuit resulted.


Same thing with my 10.5” iPad Pro. It developed the white spot and Apple replaced it once under warranty. Nevertheless, the replacement model surely developed the same white spot and even though I tried to get it replaced again because of it being a manufacturing/design defect, the Apple rep at the store I visited said they wouldn’t do anything about it. I find this quite unfair to the customer. Im typing on this otherwise fine tablet now, while that white hole stares right at me.


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