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Turns on starts to show progress bar, then freezes at 60% can't get an

Replacing a friend’s iMac hard drive. Removed drive, pushed display (all cables but vertical sync still connected) back and removed drive. Ste up drive on other system for High Sierra. Placed drive back into the unit. Appears to boot up OK, but stops about 60% across. Tried all the usual stuff, tried internet recovery, external working drive… still can’t get it to boot to desktop, always stops 60% (when first reported here, thought display cable was bad per answer below, turns out it is OK)

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So the hard drive was removed, connected to another Imac, formatted and a new HS put on it. When put back into the Imac, still would not boot up. Tried and internet restore, still nothing. When I booted up with “option” it showed the drive, it’s restore partition, my external drive and it’s partition, plus the HS usb installer. Clicking on any of them gets the same response. Same with the internet restore, see the world, get the bar, the screen changes, then nothing.

Nothing works. It still starts with the Apple logo, then the progress bar, which gets to 60% and stops. Nothing else that I have done makes any difference. Had first though the drive was bad, but the drive ran OK on the other system. With the internal HD disconnected, my external HS drive did the same action… 60% and stop.

Perhaps someone knows what may be the problem. I’ve done everything, plus a hardware test (all is fine) and am stumped.


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It is very possible you damaged the display data cable when the screen fell. That particular cable is very, very fragile and brittle and I wouldn’t be surprised if you broke it. Unfortunately, you will have to replace the cable.

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After careful inspection of the cable and socket, found the cable to be good.


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