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Repair guides and support information for televisions manufactured by RCA.

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stuck on The "initial setup" screen

I have a 32" rca LED LCD HDTV

model# LED32B30RQ

Great t.v. but today it is stuck on

The "initial setup" screen and it sits off to the left side of t.v. (my right) and my remote nor the buttons on t.v. are useless for some reason ....please please help me

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3 solutions

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Hi @ dyanawebber.dw

Try a power reset.

Switch off the TV power outlet and disconnect the TV power cord from the outlet.

Press and hold the TV's Power button for 30 seconds and then release.

Reconnect the TV power cord to the power outlet and switch on the outlet.

Turn on the TV in the normal manner and check what happens next.

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Exactly what do you mean shut off the power outlet? I get the unplug it but its plugged into the wall


Hi @dyanwebber.dw


As I don't know your location or what type of power wall outlet you have, I go for the safe way first i.e. IF the power wall outlet has an on/off switch on the wall outlet itself (where I am that is normal for a power wall outlet) switch it off before removing the the TV power cord.

Obviously your wall outlets don't have an on/off switch and you just remove the TV cord from the outlet.

That can be done here also but it is safer if you turn off the power at the outlet so that you don't touch any "live pins" of the power plug if you pull it half out and accidentally touch them if you grab the plug with your fingers wrapped over the edge if you get what I mean.


Hi Ms. Dyan Webber,

You are absolutely correct in saying to turn off the power and remove the plug from outlet for about 60 seconds my way of doing it that helped me! God bless you Ma'am and thank you!


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You have a failed EEPROM on the signal (main) board. Location is U16. This eeprom is difficult to remove. In this case you can order a a main board ($75). You must be sure to get an exact replacement. I have repaired many of these. with eeprom replaced only ($15.00 plus labor). Thanks for asking, Matt of Martins TV Repair.

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Im sorry to say but the ONLY WAY. You can get it back to tv… is if you have the remote.. If you lost the remote download the app on your phone that would make it a universal remote and you be able to cancel or continue the process. I turnt off the tv then unplugged it from the back and unplugged it for 30 mins and still nothing. I found my remote and pressed cancel and my tv back

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