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The Nintendo DS is Nintendo's seventh generation handheld game console and is the first of its kind across all systems with dual-screen technology and use, apart from clamshell Game & Watch systems.

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Right on the dpad is not working.

I recently bought a used launch DS and the right button on the dpad is not working. When pushed down it does make a click, however the system does not register it or respond. If I push down hard enough it will either register as an up or a down not a right. I have already tried opening it up and cleaning the contacts but the right button is still not working. Is there another possible fix to this or is it an issue with the motherboard?

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Hey, Azlux. While the other answer is correct, you could just replace the directional pad, they are usually pretty fixable. You’ll need to take apart your system and remove the rubber pad behind the buttons. There are little dark gray dots on the back side that simply need to be cleaned. Use a Q-tip and some isopropyl alcohol. These conductive pads get kind of shiny with use and need to be cleaned up to make good connections. It’s an easy and free fix. Good luck! If that doesn’t work you can try adding a dab of conductive paint to the conductive pad as well.

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i would swap out the whole d-pad , i couldn’t imagine it being more then a few dollars for the part, the rubber parts are conductive. other wise since its not a flex cable and the d pad is actually on the board. a new board isn’t a bad way to go. if you think its worth it. 3ds are pretty cheap and a huge upgrade

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