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iPhone 4 pouces commercialisé depuis mars 2016 avec une configuration de matériel similaire à l'iPhone 6s. Disponible en Argent, Gris sidéral, Or ou Or Rose, avec 16 ou 64 Gb de stockage. Modèles A1662 et A1723.

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Have an iPhone se that won’t switch on

Phone won’t restart fully charged , plus home button not working any suggestions how to restart

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How do you know it is fully charged if it won’t turn on?

I think there’s a little of backstory that needs to be said here. What happened to the device prior to this issue; was it dropped, damaged, repaired or came into contact with water?

With what little you have said, the first thing to suspect is the battery. If anything happened to the phone, then it could also be a logic board issue.

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It's one of my kids phones he said he didn't drop it and was plug in all nite but he has now said it switching it self off a good bit lately


@refectio that reminds me of someone saying - trust what the phone tells you before anything else ;) No offense meant Padraig :)


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I’d try replacing the battery and see what happens. They are at that peak where they have to be replaced anyways

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