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A 32-bit fifth-generation video game console that was first released by Sega on November 22, 1994 in Japan, May 11, 1995 in North America, and July 8, 1995 in Europe.

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Whats wrong with my Saturn when the screen flickers and scrolls?

The Sega Saturn powers on fine, but the screen flickers in black and white and scrolls up. Please help diagnose my Saturn!



Forgot to add, the din plug-in in the back of the saturn is a little messed up and where the pins fit in is bent up. When i jiggled the av cord where it goes into the saturn the screen goes black and when i let go the image comes back on with flickering and scrolling. Is it safe to assume that the bent av input is my problem?

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Well, yeah, that would do it! My mention of a faulty or damaged console was referring more to the innards of said console. Worst I own is a SNES with a partially broken AC-in jack (plastic barrel cracked, half of it is, but fits loosely). If the pins are all bent up or damaged in any way, then that would DEFINITELY be a prime candidate. I think we nailed it!


Do you know of any affordable online sites that offer repair for such video game injuries?


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I will assume, by the description, that you're hooking this to a CRT (old tube TV). :p

The last time I had a console do what you describe, it turned out to be the AV input connection on the TV itself. While possible it is the cable, the symptoms usually ended up being different that you describe. Swapping cables, if you have a spare available, would be a great way to actually rule this out.

When you adjust the cable's position (aka "jiggling"), does it make a difference? Does it matter where along the cable you do this?

Check to see if the jack(s) is (are) loose in any way on the TV. If so, then the soldering that holds it may have cracked or broken in the TV. It might be fixable, but it's insanely dangerous and probably not worthwhile. (Met an electronics veteran who was lucky to be alive after accidentally brushing against the leads of a CRT capacitor early in his career. NOT RECOMMENDED!)

Your best bet, if the above mentioned diagnostic "jiggling" doesn't narrow down the cause, is to connect the Saturn to another TV, one that you know works. If you cannot reproduce the problem, then at least you know it's not the console or the cable. (Though honestly, I've never seen this problem be caused by a faulty or damaged console.)

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+ Congratulation on achieving tee shirt level, if they're ever given out.


+excellent answer. Hope they are sending you a T-Shirt soon ;-)


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