Can I upgrade/replace my 1st Gen MBP Logic board

HI all,

Just a quick one, I think my logic board is on its way out - random shutdowns and error code: 4SNS/1/40000000: TAOP

SO was wondering if i can kill two birds with one stone, by replacing the Logic board (if that is indeed the prob) with a logic board that would accept the 4gb of RAM instead of my current 2gb.....

Has anyone tried this?!



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For your Model A1150 machine, and you want to upgrade it to a Model A1226 or A1260 (which accept up to 4 GB RAM, according to Apple, but 8 GB realistically)?

If so, it's not financially viable to upgrade.

  • Apple changed all the connector types (to JST connectors), so the fans, PRAM, etc would need to be replaced
  • They moved the Bluetooth from near the hard drive to below the upper case, so both a new bluetooth assembly and upper case would be needed (the upper case also has a different connection location on the logic board)
  • The display changed entirely from TFT to LCD, which means you'd need a new display and I/O board
  • The keyboard attaches differently, so you'd need a new keyboard.

Sorry for the bad news!

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Bugger! Thanks Ben, had a feeling I wouldn't be able to do something quite so drastic so easily... Worth a shot though! Thanks. :)


Definitely always worth asking :) Good luck


Plus, the second/A1211 and third-gen/A1226 MBPs had both FireWire 400 and FireWire 800 ports, while the A1150 first-gen had only a FireWire 400 port. I was in a group of nerds screaming at an Apple employee at MWSF 2006 about the omission. An Apple engineer friend later half-confessed to me that Apple had used Intel reference boards to get the first-gen Intel Macs out the door six months earlier than the original June 2006 shipping estimate. The second-gen logic boards had Apple refinements incorporated, while the original systems did not. Just another reason not to buy the first generation of anything after a major design change...


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