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Modèle début 2011, A1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 ou processeur 2.7 GHz i7.

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Why is the battery different?

I followed the steps for battery replacement and was able to remove the battery. I place the new battery in and began to screw it in. I was able to screw one in (5.2 mm), but when I attempted the next one (13 mm) there was no entrance to screw in. Why can’t I screw this in? Why is this battery different? Is it better or did I get the wrong type of battery?

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Confirm the model number on the battery with the old battery, if it’s different make sure you ordered this battery. If not, you might be able to call the manufacturer and say you got the wrong battery. If it is the same, make sure you’re installing it right, or the battery is made for a different MacBook even if the battery is labeled for yours. (Personally I would just put the battery in, make sure it works, and if it does just leave the screw out, but that’s probably the Nerf Modder in me speaking)

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