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How do I replace the handle on a freezer/evaporator compartment

I have just replaced the handle on the interior freezer/evaporator compartment of a LEC refridgerator. I had to use brute force and slightly damaged some brackets.

How should I have done this properly? Is there some tool that would help?

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The best way to fit the door handle was first to remove the evaporator door. Then remove the broken handle and the catch fitting. This can be done with a pull on the handle to remove the male part from the female part. Next fit the new handle to the original catch by inserting the handle the top of the catch then pushing the lower open part into the catch. With a little prising the handle /catch fitting can be inserting into the door housing. Refit the door.

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This is pretty much what I did. But it is far from easy and I couldn't avoid minor damage. I needed to use very considerable force to get the new handle back in place.


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