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2012 craftsman single head 21hp gold sieres briggs and stration motor

My lawn mower wont turn over and it will only turn over once than start strunggling and the it sruggle and needs help to turn over and still dont start, but when you remove the spark plug it turn over free for as long as you hold the key down but when the spark plug back in it dosen’t want to spin at all anymore.

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It's a single head with a ohv


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I hate it when these machines fight us when we do so much for them. I’m guessing there’s a starter motor which runs off a battery. If the battery is low on available electrons, it would do what you describe. Charge your battery, or jump it in case the battery can’t hold a charge. The engine will turn over easily with the spark plug out, so a weak battery could do that. Or

if the ignition has become advanced too far (this happens surprisingly often when the flywheel key shears etc.) the engine will fight the starter.

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