High rpm fan speed after HD replacement

I recently replaced the hard drive in a Mid-2010 i3 chip 27" iMac, which I just purchased brand new from apple. I had replaced the HD in my 2007 20" iMac using ifixit procedure, and wanted to keep the same 2TB drive for my upgraded iMac. The process went smooth, but my fan speed is now maxing out at around 5500 rpm for the hard drive fan all the times...very loud and distracting.

My question is in regards to the edit that was made in February of 2009 regarding which set of temperature sensor pins to use when reconnecting. The original post said to use the set of pins FARTHEST from the SATA connectors, but the update said to do the opposite, and use the set of pins CLOSEST to the SATA connectors. This update was made by the author.

This was the one thing I did not check before pulling the connector. I do get a HD temp reading (99F, which is lower than any other reading available). I would assume getting a reading means it was connected correctly, but could this be the reason my fan is running at a very high RPM all of the time?

I did reset my smc and that did not solve the problem. I wish to get feedback before pulling apart the imac again to try using the other set of pins, as this takes time.

Thank you for your time.

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