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Intel Core i5 bicœur avec 3 Mo de mémoire cache L3 de 1,8 GHz

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MacBook Air keep freezing when I turn it on, what could be?


I have a MacBook Air 13’ Mid 2012, but I used it very little. But in the last years, when I turn it on, the Mac freeze and then 1 minute it reboot automatically. In that minute, everything doesn’t answer to keyboard or trackpad. And the more I turn it on, it first freezes. But a few days later it works normally, and after start again with problems. I tried to check the temperature and it’s normal, I think I could check if there is some dust. I also read that there was a firmware upgrade to no do, but maybe I could upgrade. Any ideas?

Someone can help me?


Andrea Pellegrin

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1 solution

sadly it would be great if You would do FRESH installation Mojave - and obvious SMC NVRAM resets - then we can diagnose further

Be glad it is not completely dead :)

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Ok! Mac updated (10.15) and NVRAM and SMC reset. Same problem.


I also cleaned dust from my Mac, nothing change.


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