Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Why is my LCD display has some blue lights when it moves?


My MacBook 2GHZ Core 2 Duo LCD display has some blue lights when I move the screen.

In some positions nothing happen but in 90% of the positions, it is there, blue mainly on the dark colors of the images.

I have been checking and couldn't find anyone with the same problem on the net.

It seems to be just a bad contact somewhere, do you think that I have to change my LCD screen? That would be a pity.



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To isolate the problem, hook it up to an external monitor. This sounds like a cable problem. Please give the last three figures of your serial number (located in the battery compartment) so we know which machine you have.

UPDATE 5/30/11

Could not get your video to play. Am assuming a beammer is an external monitor. At this point I would replace the Display Data Cable: MacBook Display Data Cable

To familiarise yourself before attempting, look at this guide: MacBook Core 2 Duo LCD & Inverter A1181 (fast method) Replacement

And this guide: MacBook Core 2 Duo Display Data Cable Replacement

Image MacBook Display Data Cable


MacBook Display Data Cable


Image MacBook Core 2 Duo Installing LCD & Inverter (fast method) A1181


MacBook Core 2 Duo LCD & Inverter A1181 (fast method) Replacement

Difficulté :


1 hour

Image MacBook Core 2 Duo Display Data Cable


MacBook Core 2 Duo Display Data Cable Replacement

Difficulté :


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Thank you very much for answering,

it is a 2 GHz Core 2 Duo (mid 2007) A1181.

I lend it to a friend of mine and he slept watching a movie and I think that the macbook got too hot.

It might be a cable as it is just happen when I move it... but witch one??

Thanks a lot,



Please un-accept my answer. By accepting an answer, no one else will attempt to help you. After your problem is solved, then accept the one that helped you the most. I'd still like to know what happens on an external monitor.


I'll check it tomorrow, I do not have a monitor here.

Thanks for the tip, I am new here and was wondering what does the accepting an answer meant.




I see you un-accepted my answer as requested. If an answer helps you, you can give it an upvote (the arrows above the icon of the answer giver). If the eventual answer leads to solving your problem you can also accept it. After that's done, most of the time there will be no further comments on that question. It gets archived and when someone searches for the same problem, your question comes up. The points received are then added to the total of the answer giver. This in turn tells the community how much credence has been given to this answer giver. Points are also given for people completing guides. Most of the answers come from unpaid volunteers and most of the guides are done by iFixit employees. There is some crossover. When your click on users at the top of the page, these contributors are listed in order of point standing in the community. The people with are sepia colored photos are generally iFixit employees.


Just because someone doesn't have a lot of points doesn't mean they don't know their stuff. They may not have been around for a long time or their field of specialty doesn't get many question. So click on their icon and review their stats. You can't who is 14 years old from a 70 year old sometimes ;-) Our resident 14 year old gives some very good answers when he wants to, and knows much much more about game machines than most of the older contributors do ;-)


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