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My TV won't turn on after replace the main board


My Samsung UN43MU6300 just did not turn on; no power light ; no sign of life. I replaced the power board, same thing. So I replaced the mainboard as well. Now, here is the interesting part.

  • The power light is up now
  • but TV just flashes up white at lower part of the screen repeatedly in every 20s-30s. No Samsung SmartTV text or logo shown as before.


I am not sure the TV is supposed to work after replace the mainboard, or do I need to do something like -pairing- the board, or something :(

Please advise.

Thank you.


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this “TV just flashes up white at lower part of the screen repeatedly in every 20s-30s.  “ sounds like your backlight array. Try to disconnect the power board from the main board and turn your TV on. Let us know what the backlight does.

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I just found out the mainboard I replaced might be incorrect part :( Can you advise?

Original mainboard: BN97-13470U BN94-12431A

The one I replaced: BN97-13470S BN94-12437F

Hix, the one I bought was advertised to use on same TV model :(


It is possible that this is caused by the wrong version of your main board. after all, it is the main board that signals the power board to turn the backlight on. disconnect the main board from your power board and see if your backlight comes on and stays on.


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Hi there!

If by disconnecting your power board from main board the backlight turns on, then you must be having problems with main board or screen. On this new Samsung models, only experienced TV technicians can determine if main board is defective or not. If you are not a tech and if you are willing to gamble it, before you order the part, PLEASE make sure you take the right part number from your board. This number will be printed on a white label next to bar code. Part number should look like BN94-12035A.

Now, you must order the exact replacement, you can not order a main board based on model number only. You must match the part number. Some websites say that they are interchangeable etc - do not do that as you can damage the new board and you might not get your money back if you return it.

We have lots of main boards in-stock for UN43MU6300 with part number BN94-12035A. If you board show this number please purchase from our site. Our boards are tested and are sold with warranty.

Hope you can fix your TV!

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