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Why won't the motor in my pool pump not run?

I bought a brand new Sta-Rite SuperMax 1.5 HP pool pump. It is 1.5 hp and wired for 240. I have made sure I have power to the pump and wired the motor according to the wire diagram, power to L1 and L2 and ground wire hooked up. The pump will not run at all, no noise what so ever. Any suggestions?

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Check on the other end of your cable. Make sure that you have a 240 volt line going to the pump. Can you scan your wiring diagram . It may be possible that you do not have 240 at the business end. Where is it wired to? Is it a new construction or do you hook it to an existing 240volt power supply?


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Use a multimeter and test your electrical outlet to make sure you have FULL 240 power to the outlet. Check each lead. Each hot lead should carry 110 to 140 volts when tested to the ground. What country are you in?

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I am in the US. I have checked I have 120 at each lead? Thanks


Go here and click on your pump. Then click on the manual: http://www.inyopools.com/pumps_starite.a...


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