direct power to my hp pavilion 8000 not working

direct power to  my hp pavilion zd8000 not working

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Did you notice my comment in the answer provided by @ajcooke01 about the possibility of having to remove the HDD in order to get the ODD out? To get to the power input socket to replace it if it is faulty, the systemboard will have to come out

repairing pwer adapter on motherboard

Click on the "show 2 further comments" link in the answer to view it, if you didn't see it.

Have you checked that the power adapter is OK and has a voltage output of 19V DC?


@jayeff Thank you! I was going to suggest exactly what you said, just didn't get around to doing it.


discovered I hadn't removed a screw at the rear of the dvd player, once I removed that out popped the dvd player


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