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iPhone 7 stuck on Apple logo when Chargingport Ribboncable is in place

Hello Community, i could cry, after changing the whole Housing from my iPhone 7, if i click the ribbon connector into the Mainboard, the Phone shuts down and keeps bootlooping, when i disconnect it, it does actually boot up, but no signal, sound and vibration, so… i‘ve replaced the charging flexcable, did a before built in and after, before i‘ve built it in, it actually charged etc. after it was in there, i could again not start it, im honestly so sad, its just rediculous, when i plug in the old flexcable (without it being srewed in and stuff) it will start and charge…. does anybody have clue? i would greatly appreciate it!

sorry for my bad english, but im so upset about this!

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Replacing the housing i would presume that it was damaged with bend in frame? just guessing here.

If so a bend in the frame can cause fractures in the motherboard and cause Audio ic and Baseband issues causing no sound or no network.

As for the charging flex i would use the original due to most frames come with them pre fitted but they tend to be always faulty.

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i would say that you make almost all the diagnosis.. the replacement charging port is not good. Why don’t you use the old one ? There is some instructions to do this on this web site …

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