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The Dyson V6 Motorhead Vacuum is a lightweight, cordless vacuum. It easily converts for handheld cleaning using a simple dirt bin instead of replaceable trash bags.

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Why is my Dyson going on an off when I'm holding the on button?

Why is my Dyson going on an off when I'm holding the on button?

First let me say, the battery charges just fine and I’ve totally cleaned out the collection bin. I push the button to turn on the vacuum and it works, but then turns off and on over and over again while I’m still holding the button down.

I looked this up online and someone said the filter needed to be cleaned. So I took out the filter rinsed it as the online instructions said, let it dry, then put it back in. This did not solve the problem.

Any other suggestions?

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I’m aware that you cleaner the bin

But from my experience this issue is caused by the little dust flap where the wand connects getting clogged with more dust and debris

Hopefully this helps as from what iv seen it tends to be this before anything else

But if it don’t give me a shout and il try again!



Mine has started to do the same thing. I noticed there were no answers. I wish I knew what to do.


Look at the head and where the dirt goes from the head up into the tube. Mine got blocked there and did the same thing. Really hard to notice if you're not looking for it. Clean that and mine runs perfectly. I now know to check it and clean it regularly.

Hope this helps.


This suggestion just fixed my vacuum. Thanks for the tip. Same thing happened with my furnace, unfortunately, that one cost me a service call.


This just fixed mine as well...thank you jackie_mctaggart


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Machine is pulsating

There's  a troubleshooting guide for a "pulsating" machine:

"The machine is designed to pulsate. This is an audible feature that indicates a restriction of airflow and prevents damage to the motor. This is usually caused by a blockage within the machine or a clogged filter.
When the machine is pulsating, it will switch on and off in quick succession. Make sure the machine is cool before running through the following checks."

Here are the recommend steps to sort out the problem:

1. Open the bin

Press the bin base release button to empty bin and leave the bin base open.

(if that doesn't solve the problem proceed to step 2)

2. Check for any obstruction of :

  • cleaner head
  • wand
  • bin inlet & flap

(if that doesn't solve the problem proceed to step 3 - but you better do the next steps outside in the garden ... )

3. Remove the bin

“Using the Combination tool, brush away any dust around the shroud of the cyclone.
Once cleared of any dust, press and hold the trigger for 10 seconds.”

(if that doesn't solve the problem proceed to step 4 -  this really better outside in the garden ...!!! )

4. Remove the pre-filter

“Pull the pre-filter out of the top of the cyclone and place the palm of your hand over the hole where the filter is usually positioned.
Press and hold the trigger for 10 seconds” (better with Max.Power!)
Take care: there might be clouds of fine ‘moon-dust’ blown out of the machine ...

If that doesn't help, Dyson recommends to contact support …


The motorhead does not rotate or only works irregularly?

Check ***Dyson v6 Absolute Main Body Replacement***
There are two little metal tabs sitting above the lever of the bin and are meant to make electrical contact to the wires running around the bin and down the wand to the motorhead to power the rotating brush.
Those metal-tabs tend to get bend and/or their ends might have become dislocated out of their brackets.
Best to follow the steps of removing the Main Body from the Cyclone to get them metal-tabs back in place.

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I have no idea what any of the parts you refer to are. Diagrams would be helpful and for me are necessary.


Non of your suggestions have helped to keep my vacuum on.


My Dyson V11 stopped running consistently. It would start to work and then stop- as it started to suck, it would stop again and dump the dirt back onto the carpet . I did all the cleaning etc. that was recommended in videos and posts. I then opened the canister (all the way) and took a better look. At the back of the canister (closest to you if you were vacuuming) and on the right hand side, there is a small rectangular hole. When I examined mine, it was full of junk - shreds of paper, clumps of dust etc. I took tweezers and pulled all of it out. Now my Dyson is now fully functional and sucks consistently. I hope this helps!!!!


Thanks. Removing the pre-filter did the trick!


What jebcoop said.


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6 Months too late, but I had the same issue. There is a little flap that separates the intake to the debris chamber that can get stuck or get crud wedged behind it. Take off the attachment and make a visual and physical inspection that the flap can open fully.

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After a thorough cleaning, ours worked for a few days then started doing the same again. I.e. Works for 2 secs, then stops.

Swapping to a different head proved that the problem was with our motorised head, rather than a poor contact or a dirty filter. I am sure that the machine cuts out to avoid overloading the motor in the head which is either obstructed by something or becoming faulty. Ours is nearly 10 years old after all. I am contacting Dyson for advice or a replacement. When I get it I will take the original to pieces to see if I can fix it. But even this requires micro-sized star head screwdrivers that I either don't have or are somewhere at the bottom of my garage !

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Don’t have an answer but definitely a manufacturer issue. Tried all these tips to no avail. Could have bought three vacuum’s for what I paid. I’m calling dyson direct. Hopefully the company stands by its product and makes good.


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I went on the internet and 1 forum told me to turn the "Max" power off and it worked!! It quit pulsating and runs great now. I'm not sure if I can use the "Max" setting again but I'm glad my V6 is running again. I've had it for years and was worried about possibly having to purchase a new Dyson. I can't be too upset, I truly got my money back out of it! I hope this works for you 🙏

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That’s all well and good but that doesn’t fix the problem of not being able to use it on max and have it work without pulsating. , out of 5 stars I give this vacuum a 2 and not worth the money I paid for it , I will never buy another Dyson vacuum

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