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Backlight does not work when unplugged

Just received a used Lenovo T450s. Problem is, when the charging cable is disconnected, the backlight turns off completely, while plugged in, its fine.

Already wiped the laptop, ran through numerous bios and driver updates, but the issue remains.

I confirmed this is not a battery/power option within windows. I DO need to replace the external battery, as it doesn't seem to charge, but the internal one works great. Just curious if anyone has had this issue, and maybe knows a fix, before I go off replacing the screen/battery.

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Have you checked your power and brightness settings


As stated in my post, it doesn't seem to be a setting within windows. As far as brightness, brightness shows full, the screen is on, but the backlight is off.


Hi Have you tried running the Lenovo Solutions Centre battery diagnostic check to see if the internal battery is OK?

It seems that it is not capable of running the laptop and display backlight by itself without the power connected and as you say that the external battery may be faulty.....


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The manual suggests using the ‘Lenovo Settings’ program to adjust power profiles. I know you said you ruled out the Windows power utility but this is a separate program that runs on Win 8 and 10. Sorry if this is redundant.

If that isn’t the problem then it really must be a battery issue.

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