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Sorti en avril 2010 / Processeur Intel Core i5 2.4, 2.53 GHz ou Intel Core i7 2.66, 2.8 GHz

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Can I "upgrade" my main logic board?

Is it possible to replace the logic board in my mid 2010 MBP with a later model? If so, what would be compatible. While browsing the parts section I see that up to mid 2012 the main hardware and ports (number and type) appear to be identical. I ask this because 1) if it is possible, it’s cheaper than a new MBP equivalent, 2) I like the fact that this model has a built in SD card reader and Superdrive and 3) I can’t upgrade to Mojave.


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Actually, you can upgrade to Mojave using Dosdude1’s Mojave Patch Tool. It’s not that hard either.

Update (11/06/2018)

Comment installer macOS Mojave sur des Mac non supportés par Apple

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Hah, yes! That would be much preferred! Since I already have an i7 2.66GHz and am installing a 500GB SSD and 8GB RAM, there's little need to change the logic board. Thanks!


@kct78952 No problem! DosDude1 is a life saver when it comes to older Macs becoming obsolete. Happy I could help. :-)


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I think you’re better off just picking up a used 2012 model Vs spending all of the effort to make this work.

As for changing things about you’ll also need a new display as Apple changed the LVDS connection between these modes enough that you need that too.

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