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HP released this ergonomic laptop (model number 15-au123cl) in October 2016. It features Windows 10 and a touch screen.

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Computer cant decide if its plugged in or not

I’m having a problem with charging my PC. I will have it plugged in and, for a while, everything is fine. Battery is charging, indicator light next to the plug is on. But the computer acts like I unplugged it at random times.

The battery icon says it’s not even plugged in but the indicator light is still on with the cable still attached and if I unplug it and plug it back in, it starts charging again.

I cant tell if this is a hardware or software issue, but it makes running things like antivirus or downloading updates impossible.

Google cant help me, I’m hoping someone here can.

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Try running a battery report to check on the state of the battery.

In the report, check on the Design Capacity and the Full Charge capacity figures to see if there is a wide discrepancy between them.

If there is it may be that the battery is failing and needs to be replaced

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