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Hdd HS12UHEA extract data.

Hi there!!! I have a HS12UHE/A rev. A, i need to extract the data from the hdd and i need a device or something that works with my model of hdd. Thanks in advance.

This is my HDD:

MacBook Air (Late 2008/Mid 2009) 120 GB Hard Drive

Image MacBook Air (Late 2008-Mid 2009) 120 GB Hard Drive


MacBook Air (Late 2008-Mid 2009) 120 GB Hard Drive


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Just get any type of external USB hard drive and hook it up. Then either drag and drop your data of for a recoverable hard drive backup, use Time Machine. Here's a plethora of them:

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Is not a sata normal device, is a lif or zif pin. Btw the macbook is logic board broken so i can't handle starting it or whatever. Thanks.


Dani, there are plenty of Zif-to-USB adapters out there that should work for you. If you take the Samsung model number and do a search for it, you should find what you need. Then you connect it like mayer suggest. You may need a different computer :-) to get to the actual files since your logic board is not working.


Is a lif to usb convert i need i guess. I was asking if anybody nows one that actually works!


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