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Home button not working after replacing the battery

My phone is a couple years old and my battery wasnt lasting half a day so i bought a 3rd party battery and followed the steps to replace it. The new battery works fine but immediately after restarting the phone I had a notification that the home button was disabled. Is this because it is a third party battery? Is there something i can do besides assistive touch?

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2 solutions

there are 2 cables coming from the screen that connect to the motherboard. one is for the screen one is for the home button. the smaller one is for the home button. look carefully and see if theres a small tear in the cable. if there is a new screen should solve your issue.

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If you didn't touch any of the home button you've probably just ripped some of the cables for the LCD.

When you open up the iPhone 7 and insert a pick under the screen, there’s also a high chance you’ve nicked the home button cable itself. This is located under the small rectangular steel bracket at the bottom of the screen.

Remove the screen, remove this tiny bracket, disconnect the flex and check the point where it folds, there will likely be a tiny nick in the cable.

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