What is the reason that my left wheel isn't getting any power?


A couple of weeks ago my dad was showering and the roomba got into the shower with him.

He turned it of right away but his hand was wet.

He tried to spray some WD-40 inside it and hoped that it would remove some of the water.

I opened up the roomba ,tried to dry the board with paper towels, and when i saw the PCB I didn’t see any water damage but the plastic that is covering the PCB was white,It looked like a component was overheating but I didn’t think it was the cause of the problem.

(the component was on the lower PCB ,bottom right,behind the problematic wheel.)

I put it back together and I could turn it on, but when I turned it on the left wheel wasn’t turning and I thought that the motor was bad because it was hard to turn the wheel,so we ordered a new modular wheel replacement.

After replacing the wheel and motor the wheel was still hard to turn when it was installed,but when the wheel was disconnected from the roomba it felt like it was spinning normally.

Now my question is What do you think is the problem of the left wheel?

I think that a component was overheated, because maybe, a small amount of water got into the device and it was causing a short,and making a component to stop function, because the wheel is not getting any power and its not sending any data to the roomba when I lift the left wheel of the ground.

I don’t have any problem to buy and solder components (although i’m only 16).

If you know the problem or the fix please link me the stuff that I need to fix the robot with.

I can send a picture of the board and the place that it looked like a component was overheating if it helps you.

Thank you :)

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