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The OnePlus X smartphone was released in November 2015 by OnePlus. It is identifiable by model number E1005

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OnePlus X Touchscreen suddenly not responding

Ok so i’ve used my phone for 2 years, no bumps no drops, in a perfectly good condition.

One day the touchscreen suddenly got no response anymore

I’ve tried rebooting, factory resetting, nothing worked

I have some knowledge of phone disassembly but my question is.

What could have gone wrong, the whole screen or the mainboard or the touch sensitivity it self so i could go and change that. I was thinking to order a new screen but don’t really know if the problem is in the screen and i have no idea how to test it

The phone is in perfectly good condition, never dropped once. Here is a picture of the screen.

Block Image

My question is how do i know which part of my phone is broken so i can fix it.

Thanks for helping

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Digitizers can go kaput at the snap of your fingers. I have had a similar experience with a new iPhone not responding to touch. It had never been dropped, exposed to water or exposed to extreme heat. After some head scratching I tried a new screen and it was fully functioning again.

Replacing the screen should get you back into business.

OnePlus X Screen Replacement

OnePlus X Screen

Image OnePlus X Screen


OnePlus X Screen


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Thank you. I think i will go this way


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