on/off button does not work

my power on/off button does not work, camera still on in video mode eventhought the switch is on off position, how can i resolve that problem?

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Hi @gracem ,

Have you tried removing the battery for a couple of minutes and then replacing it to check if this resets the camera back to normal.

Here's how to do this.Remplacement de la batterie du Canon EOS Rebel T6i

What have you tried to do?


I already tried to remove the battery for several minutes but as soon as I put it back, the appariel is automatically turned on while being in the off position


Hi @gracem ,

When you reinserted the battery and the camera turned on , was the time and date still correct?

If it was then the internal backup battery (actually a capacitor) was not fully discharged and was still holding all the settings (possibly even some corrupt ones that may be preventing the camera from functioning correctly)

Try removing the main battery again and then ensure that the camera is switched ON. This will ensure that the backup battery will discharge quicker.

Allow at least 20-30 minutes to hopefully ensure that the backup battery has completely discharged.

Switch OFF the camera and reinsert the main battery and check what happens.

If the date and time haven't changed (date defaulted back to an earlier year) then you may have to allow for more time for the battery to discharge.


Did you get your on/off switch working?


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