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The Samsung NaviBot SR8855 is a handy autonomous vacuum by Samsung.

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Navibot from Korea change language to English.

I have a Navibot VC-RL84VR from Korea and it only speaks Korean with its voice announcer.

Does anyone know how to switch it to English?

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there is no language menu etc. The only way would possibly be through a firmware update. Samsung uses a proprietary connector on the Navibot and a proprietary cable etc. So no way for a DIY’er to change the language but possibly a local repair center has access to the needed hardware and software for an upgrade.

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If you bought it in Korea it might not offer english. Often times Korean companies like Samsung design products for their home markets and don't export it. I know some of the stuff they sell in Korea is better than what we have here ;-{

You'll need to find the user manual and see if they tells you if it can be altered. If you can’t find an english manual then it’s likely it was never offered for sale in the US or UK.

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It also never hurts to email Samsung customer support and ask there because they might know the answer.


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