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The Western Digital My Passport Ultra is a USB 3.0 portable storage device with capacities from 500 GB up to 5 TB.

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My passport ultra stopped working

WD passport stopped working and when its connected to computer it shows not initialized and sent it to someone and he opened the HD and by mistake scratched the Platter.

is it possible to recover the data? i have very important data in it

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Hi Ghassan Salaam 

If data is important, you should send it to recovery specialist in the first place and since you had open it up, i suggest to send to recover specialist for a free analyst.

it depends on how bad is the scratch.

if you are lucky you are able to recover much data else there might be partial lost of data or worst none.

and when you open the drive in non clean room, it will further contaminate your drive.

recovery in this case will not be cheap.

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