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Smartphone designed by Xiaomi in the Redmi Note line.

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I messed up big time. Battery removal.

So I had battery issues which is why I recently bought a new battery. I got the battery today, I opened the phone without any issues. Now the bad stuff comes. There’s these silicone glue type tapes I have to remove in order to remove the battery. I started to pull on them slowly like every guide I found suggested, both tapes on both sides broke. Then I tried wedging it out CAREFULLY using a screwdriver. Note: I did actually did it very slowly and carefully not to rip anything. Then I saw fire. quickly I took the phone and put it in a tupperware container to a safe place. It didn’t really explode, it was a very small minor fire. Now how the do I remove this battery? I still need the data from the phone

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With phone like these, I usually apply a little heat to where the battery is warm to the touch. And I actually use playing cards or any really flexible type of card to slowly push it under the battery cutting the adhesive to get the battery out. Just keep applying heat and prying. Don’t apply too much heat and also wear gloves and safety glasses because this battery was popped. Be very careful in this process.

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Alright thank you for the advice. A friend of mine suggested something similar so I guess that's the way to go


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