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MagSafe not charging sys? Sometimes Orange, never turns Green

It’s my tried-and-tested, upgraded-to-8Gb-ram, much-loved MacBook. It’s on its 3rd battery, the magsafe is also a replacement, but it had been working fine.

For a few days I have had to wiggle it to get the light to come on, but it came on and was charging ok. But recently I noticed that the light didn’t turn to green. The other day the battery ran out completely and it shut down, so I put it on to charge. After wiggling the connector a lot, unplugging and leaving it for a few minutes, praying for a miracle, I finally got the orange light to come on and left it to charge overnight.

Next morning I enthusiastically fired her up but was sorry to see it had only charged a measly 4%, and soon turned of again. I have tried several different sockets, different wiggles and more prayers but nothing’s working. Tomorrow I may have the tools and the time to take the back cover off and have another look inside.

Is there anything I should be looking out for? Anybody have any suggestions as to what it may be? Is there a cure? Or is it simply a case of a perfectly good Apple product deciding it’s time to say goodbye to this cruel world and go and be with Steve?

Thanks … for reading and giving me any advice or encouragement

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So, just a quick update.

I took the back off. It wouldn’t run without the battery so I pressed on. Stripped it back to the magsafe board which was dirty and had a hint of something that looked like rust. I swabbed it with alcohol, cotton bud and wooden toothpick. I thought about ordering anew board at €40 but decided to wait. Put it back together and tried it out, to my surprise it flashed green and then orange. After an hour I fired her up and she had 40% charge! Now she’s back to running a Bitcoin node.

I’m really happy to have it back. Thanks guys. Happy holidays and good 2019.

Buy Bitcoin, it’s cheap right now. In 3 -5 year’s it’ll be out of reach

peace ✌️


Ya-Hoo! (To short to comment, so I add this)


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SMC reset is a good suggestion as well as attempting to run the Mac “sans battery”. I would also check the magsafe plug and socket on the Mac. The pins on the magsafe are spring loaded to provide good contact in the socket. Are the pins straight and even? Try a cotton swab with a little alcohol to clean the pins and the socket on the Mac. Failing all that, take your Mac to the Apple store and ask if you can put their charger on your Mac. You may have a bad charger…..

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First try an SMC reset, by pressing left shift+option+command+power button together with magsafe plugged in, you should see magsafe amber light turning to green and back to amber. If that takes place correctly the logic board should be alive and magsafe should be working correctly. Maybe the battery got to a premature end, it happens with third party batteries earlier than sometimes expected. When you have the chance to open the bottom try unplugging the battery and see if the Mac is able to start without it. If it runs just replace the battery and all should be fine, otherwise something is wrong with the logic board and needs technical troubleshooting.

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Thanks, I’ll try that


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