I need professional tips from tearing down internal memory to so on

Hi. First of all, thanks to (trying) helping me out.

Currently my Phone - Samsung Galaxy Note II - had been completely dead.

It’s jsut dead while I was sleeping. The guy at the service center said that it may be dead because of bad battery. So that bad battery caused the feedback(?) electricity so that the main board may be damaged.

But when I tried my external Micro SD card, it was alive. It seems that there was a bit of a chance to recover (some) data from internal storage memory unit. Or I was one heck of a lucky man so that the damage’s only taken on power supply unit or so.

But the problem is, I cannot pay that bunch of money to try recovering data which is not sure that it will be restored via recovery center. Therefore I’m thinking of buy the tools if it’s not that expensive or rent it from my neighbor who run the electricity tools store.

It may be really difficult and complex but yea, worth a try I guess. It’s dead phone anyway so.

If you think you have tips that works on me or think I need to consider more conditions and so, please reply. I really appreciate to every reply. Thanks to you in advance again.

Update (12/06/2018)

I just found out that this process is way much more complex than I expected.. I was expecting like some kind of bulk board for docking the nand memory but my gosh.. any advice on this situation? Requesting to the center is the only option?

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